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Matric Exam English Viral Question With Answer Key 21 February 2022 | मैट्रिक परीक्षा अंग्रेजी वायरल प्रश्न बिहार बोर्ड 2022

Matric Exam English Viral Question With Answer Key 21 February 2022 | मैट्रिक परीक्षा अंग्रेजी वायरल प्रश्न बिहार बोर्ड 2022


21 फरवरी अंग्रेजी मैट्रिक परीक्षा का पेपर वायरल बिहार बोर्ड | 10th Exam Social Science Paper Viral 2022


बिहार बोर्ड मैट्रिक परीक्षा 17 फरवरी से शुरू होने जा रहे है और 24 फ़रवरी तक परीक्षा चलने वाले है ।


बिहार बोर्ड मैट्रिक अंग्रेजी यानी English का पेपर परीक्षा से पहले वायरल प्रश यहीँ सभी प्रश्न आपके सीधे परीक्षा में आने वाले है तो सभी छात्र एवं छात्रायें पूरे वायरल प्रश्न को देख कर परीक्षा देने जाए ।


There are 100 objective type questions, out of which only 50 objective questions to be answered. Choose the Correct Answer and Mark Your answers with ball point pen (Blue/Black) in OMR Sheet.
                                     (50 x 1 = 50)


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1. R.C. Hutchinson was a :
(A) American Novelist
(B) British Novelist
(C) French Novelist
(D) Italian Novelist



2. How does she (Radha) took like ?
(A) Thinner than the crescent in the sky
(B) Sharper than the crescent in the sky.
(C) Wider than the crescent in the sky
(D) None of these



3. According to the poem “The Empty Heart, what was the problem of the man ?

(A) He was very dissatisfied.
(B) He was very much in threat.
(C) He had a crisis of money
(D) None of these


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4. Which of the following is caused by Allergy ?

(A) Fever

(B) Eczema

(C) Asthma

(D) All of the Above



5. Mr. Gessler was not successful in his trade, why?

(A) He was a true shoe-maker but not a true business- man.
(B) He was not in favour of new development.
(C) He avoided to adopt new techniques.
(D) All of these



6. ‘Jon Lexau’ is the author of:
(A) The Pace for Living
(B) Me and the Ecology Bit
(C) Acceptance Speech
(D) Little Girls wiser than Men



7. How many wound did the squirrel have ?
(A) One
(B) Two
(C) Five
(D) Seven



8. When was Aung San Suu Kyi born ?
(A) 19 June, 1945
(B) 21 July, 1944
(C) 8 November, 1948
(D) 25 September, 1946



9. Indian Culture is :
(A) Flexible
(B) Beautiful
(C) Blend of many cultures
(D) None of these



10. Who splashed water on Akoulya’s frock ?
(A) Malasha
(B) a fast blowing wind
(C) a fast moving water
(D) None of these



11. In which year first feature film of India was performed ?
(A) 1913 A.D.
(B) 1925 A.D.
(C) 1935 A.D.
(D) 1947 A.D.



12. Who did like fast travelling
(A) The Corn-merchant
(B) The wife of Corn-merchant
(C) The Author
(D) None of these



13. Which word in the passage stands for worship ?
(A) Adore
(B) Esprit
(C) Escapiert
(D) Dispair



14. Every one of the slaves knew that the next stop will be their
(A) first
(B) second
(C) fourth
(D) last



15. Culture is always a complex of …… strands of varying importance and vitality,
(A) two
(B) three
(C) four
(D) many



16. Who was Mr. Gessler ?
(A) A goldsmith
(B) A Carpenter
(C) A shoe maker
(A) A Farmer



17. ……. wrote the Unity of Indian Culture
(A) Humayun Kabir
(B) Kabir khan
(C) R.R. Raman
(D) Deshmukh



18. ‘Live and let live’ has been the policy of
(A) China
(B) India
(C) Japan
(D) Pakistan



19. When did Toni Morrison received the Nobel Prize ?
(A) A.D. 1990
(B) A.D. 1992
(C) A.D. 1993
(D) A.D. 1994



20. In which year, first short film was produced in India ?
(A) 1907 A.D.
(B) 1919 A.D.
(C) 1925 A.D.
(D) 1947 A.D.



21. In India, the difference between the masses and classes is not one of quality but of information and
(A) opportunity
(B) food
(C) dress
(D) hair


22. Malasha’s came out and started scolding Akoulya’s mother.
(A) father
(B) brother
(C) sister
(D) mother



23. The old woman tried to make everyone understand that as it was Easter, the day should be spent
(A) sadly
(B) happily
(C) angrily
(D) jealously



24. On hearing the songs of the towns, singing-birds like the … are afraid and go away.
(A) parrot
(B) thrush
(C) cuckoo
(D) sparrow



25. The poet calls things like health and virtue :
(A) gifts
(B) Prizes
(C) curses
(D) defects



26. ‘Ode on Solitude’ is written by :
(A) Alexander Pope
(B) Leo Tolstoy
(C) R C Hutchinson
(D) Toni Morrison


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27. If the polythene bag is left to itself, it
(A) beautifies
(B) cleans
(C) changes
(D) pollutes


28. Vidyapati’s poems are about Radha and :
(A) Rama
(B) Sita
(C) Krishna
(D) Vishnu



29. The tree gave the man seven ………. full of gold coins.
(A) pots/pitchers
(B) pans
(C) bags
(D) sacks


30. Which route does the author follow?
(A) Physical Route (B) Communication

(C) Paper Route
(D) None of these



31. What according to author is good for garden?
(A) Fertiliser
(B) Irrigation
(C) Compost
(D) None of these


32. Mahadevi Verma was the recipient of which of the following award?
(A) Mangla Prasad Prize
(B) Bharat Bharti
(C) Padma Bhushan
(D) All of these


33. At the end of the story, Halku is:
(A) sad
(B) confused
(C) angry
(D) contented


34. Sheets, mattress pads and blankets should be washed…………in hot water.
(A) monthly
(B) daily
(C) weekly
(D) yearly


35. The lawyer read only books with ………. themes in his first year of confinement.
(A) serious
(B) violent
(C) light
(D) sad


36. The young man admitted that Mr. Gessler was the best boot maker in :
(A) Berlin
(B) Tokyo
(C) London
(D) Paris


37. The writer of “The Rape of the Lock’ is :
(A) Alexander Pope
(B) Periasamy Thooran
(C) Puran Singh
(D) Vidyapati


38. ‘Sawarani’ and ‘Rays’ are famous work of:
(A) Puran Singh
(B) Vidyapati
(C) Durga Prasad Panda
(D) None of these



39. “What is wrong with Indian Film’ taken from the book :
(A) Films & Films
(B) Our Films, Their Films
(C) Films & Music
(D) None of these


40. The average American film is a model.
(A) Good
(B) bad
(C) both ‘A’ and ‘B
(D) None of these



41. The ……..of our films are replete with Visual dissonances’.
(A) majority
(B) goodness
(C) colour
(D) song


42. Toni Morrison is the writer of:
(A) Acceptance speech
(B) Gillu
(C) Once upon A Time
(D) Koel



43. The vitality of Indian …….. is equality amazing.
(A) culture
B) tribe

(C) festivals
B) tribe
(D) song


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44. Opposite of Dead’ is :
(A) Garden
(B) Alive
(C) God
(D) Death


45. The man was rich, but …
(A) seven fold
(B) Prayed
(C) not content
(D) half-full pot



46. Who obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Patna University in 1929 ?
(A) Laxmi Prasad Devkota
(B) Mahadevi Verma
(C) Puran Singh
(D) Vidyapati



47. The lesson ‘Gillu’ is about true friendship between a human being and alan
(A) animal
(B) alien
(C) microorganism
(D) ghost



48. Everyone told the narrator that the squirrel would not after being attacked so badly by the crows.
(A) move
(B) eat
(C) live
(D) sleep



49. The lesson, What is wrong with Indian Films’ the author compares Indian films with ……. films.
(A) korean
(B) Japanese
(C) western
(D) Pakistani



50. Aung San Suu Kyi was fighting for ……. in Burma.
(A) democracy
(B) dictatorship
(C) Monarchy
(D) Tyranny


51. In the lesson ‘Once upon a time the old woman was:
(A) Foolish
(B) wise
(C) shy
(D) bold


52. The young people asked the old woman a question whose answer could only be given by one who could :
(A) Hear
(B) smell
(C) read
(D) see


53. “The Pace for Living’ is written by
(A) Aung San Suu Kyi
(B) Toni Morrison
(C) R C Hutchinson
(D) Satyajit Ray



54. In ‘The Pace for Living?, the writer captures the agony of……. man
(A) modern
(B) ancient
(C) future
(D) uncivilized.


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55. The narrator talks about how he advises everybody want they should do to protect the :
(A) elderly
(B) ecology
(C) children
(D) pedestrians


56. The narrator told Mr. Williams not to burn leaves as it is for the air and ecology.
(A) excellent
(B) bad
(C) good
(D) helpful



57. Indian have shown the power to make …… changes and of becoming used to new situations
(A) big
(B) little
(C) monstrous
D) gigantic


58. The two girls forgot their …..and became friends again.
(A) anger
(B) jealousy
(C) every
(D) farms



59. According to the poet, ‘Got made the country’, health and virtue can be found in :
(A) towns
(B) cities
(C) villages
(D) factories


60. The towns people do not enjoy any real :
(A) scenery
(B) food
(C) drink
(D) fun


61. The villagers can do very well without the …… lights of the town.
(A) grand
(B) dim
(C) shining
(D) soft


62. Hours; days and years slide away ……… for the happy man.
(A) hard
(B) quickly
(C) softly
(D) tensely


63. When human beings try to hide the felling of ‘hurt’ inside
other feelings of sadness, it is not :
(A) forgotten
(B) remembered
(C) recorded
(D) polluted


64. Radha’s friends were …… about her..
(A) angry
(B) worried
(C) happy
(D) ecstatic



Directions (65-70) : Choose the passive voice of the given sentences :


65. Girls are playing in the stadium.
(A) The girls are being played in the stadium.
(B) In the stadium the girls are being played.
(C) Girls are played in the stadium.
(D) No passive voice


66. Santa Claus brought many gifts last year,
(A) Last year was gifts brought by Santa Claus.
(B) Many gifts were brought by Santa Claus last year.
(C) Many gifts had been brought by Santa Claus last
(D) All of the above


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67. Tina said that somebody had stolen her purse.
(A) Tina said that her purse had been stolen.
(B) Tina said that her purse was stolen by somebody.
(C) Tina said that somebody had been stolen her purse.
(D) None of the above


68. Active voice of Your shoes should be taken off’ is :
(A) Taken your shoes off.
(B) Take your shoes off.
(C) Had you taken your shoes off ?
(D) Taking your shoes off.


69. The labourers were diggning a canal..
(A) A canal is being digged by the labourers.
(B) A canal was dug by the labourers.
(C) A canal was being dug by the labourers.
(D) A canal had been dug by the labourers.


70. Where do you keep the current magazines ?
(A) Where were the current magazines kept ?
(B) Where have the current magazines been kept ?
(C) Where are the current magazines being kept ?
(D) Where are the current magazines kept by you ?



Directions (71-76) : Choose the indirect speech of the given sentence :


71. I said to my teacher, “Good morning, madam.”
(A) I told my teacher to good morning.
(B) I respectfully wished my teacher good morning.
(C) I wished that my teacher have good morning.
(D) I bid good morning to my teacher.


72. Rashi said, “My mother is my best friend.”
(A) Rashi said that my mother is my best friend.
(B) Rashi said that my mother was my best friend.
(C) Rashi said that her mother was her best friend.
(D) Rashi thinks her mother to be best.


73. Golu said to Molu, “Will you give me your laptop?”
(A) Golu asked Molu whether he would give him his
(B) Golu asked Molu if he would give me his laptop.
(C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’
(D) All of the above


74. She said to me, “Have you seen my mobile?”
(A) She asked me if I had seen her mobile.
(B) She said to me if I saw her mobile.
(C) She enquired about her mobile.
(D) She told if I had seen her mobile.


75. She said to me. “Why have you failed”?
(A) She asked me why I had failed.
(B) She asked me why do I fail.
(C) She asked me why had I failed.
(D) She asked me why did I fail.


76. I said, “Who knew that this would happen”!
(A) I asked who knew that this should happen.
(B) I said that none knew that, that would happen
(C) I said that none knew that this should happen.
(D) I asked who knew what should happen.


Directions (77–82) : Choose the suitable verb-in- agrrement with its subject :


77. Each of the students………. been called in the Principle’s room. .
(A) has
(C) will
(B) have
(D) are


78. The boys as weel as their mothers …… coming.
(A) is
(B) are
(D) has
(C) have



79. Haryana…….. an agricultural state.
(A) is
(B) was
(D) are
(C) were



80. She was ……. by a dog.
(A) bit
(B) bite
(C) biting
(D) bitten


81. One…… not touch a live wire.
(A) will
(B) must
(C) would
(D) can


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82. A driver …… follow the rules of the road.
(A) can
(B) shall
(C) dare
(D) must


Directions (83–88) : Choose the most suitable preposition


83. Ritika has been unwell …… Saturday.
(A) from
(B) since
(C) for
(D) on


84. …… children, parents also attended the fun-party.
(A) Beside
(B) Besides
(C) Alongwith
(D) With


85. “Open your book …… page no. 64,” said the teacher.
(A) above
(B) upon
(C) upon
(D) at


86. He is blind ……… his brother’s faults.
(A) to
(B) at
(C) on
(D) from


87. I have been waiting …… four o’clock.
(A) ever
(B) since
(C) for
(D) at


88. Henry Ford was born …… the 30th July, 1863.
(A) above
(B) in
(C) across
(D) on


Directions (89–94) : Choose the correct spelling of the each given words :


89. (A) Necessary
(B) Nessessary
(C) Neccesary
D) Necesry


90. (A) Symitary
(B) Symmitary
(C) Symetary
(D) Symmetry


91. (A) Vocablary
(B) Vocablery
(C) Vocabulary
(D) Voceblory


92. (A) Faiery
(B) Fiery
(C) Feiry
(D) Feeiary


93. (A) Jewellry
(B) Jewlary
(C) Jewellery
(D) Jewallary


94. (A) Committee
(B) Comeitee
(C) Commattee
(D) Comittee


Directions (95-100): Choose the most suitable English Translation :


95. सूरज के डूबने से पहले ही मैं घर आ जाऊँगा।
(A) I will come home before the sunset.
(B) I shall come home before the sunset.
(C) I shall comes home before the sunset.
(D) I shall came home before the sunset.


96. हम भारतीय है और भारतीय रहेंगे।
(A) We have Indian and shall remain Indian.
(B) We have Indians and shall remain Indian.
(C) We are Indian and shall remain Indian.
(D) We are Indian and will remain Indian.


97. संगीत मनुष्य को मानसिक शांति देता है।
(A) The music provides mental peace for mankind.
(B) Music Provides mental peace to mankind.
(C) Music Provided mental peace to mankind.
(D) Music provided mental mankind to peace.


98. सुबह टहलना स्वास्थ्य के लिए अच्छा है।
(A) Morning walk is good for health.
(B) The morning walk is good for health.
(C) Morning walked is good for health.
(D) Morning walked are good for health.


99. क्या पटना गंगा नदी के किनारे पर बसा है?
(A) Patna is situated on the bank of the Ganga.
(B) Patna is situated in the bank of the Ganga.
(C) Is Patna situated on the bank of the Ganga ?
(D) None of these


100. तुम मेरी सहायता कैसे करोगे?
(A) How shall you help me ?
(B) How will you help me ?
(C) How will you helped me ?
(D) How shall you helped me ?



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